Journal Initiative

Has your team already imagined its work being published as a paper?
Here is your chance to see it happen!

The Maastricht iGEM team has decided to collect research papers of all iGEM teams willing to participate. Our goal is to create a Proceedings Journal compiling all the projects of the 2020 iGEM competition. This initiative not only  consists of an online Journal, but also aims for the development of a printed version, in which the best papers (rated by you) will be published. This way you will also have a nice souvenir of this year’s competition.



This journal will work exactly like a regular scientific journal, including peer review.

This will be a great opportunity for you to train your academic writing and actually publish your work!

All articles will be peer-reviewed by other teams that send in an article. Therefore, you will not only be the author of a peer-reviewed article, but you will be a peer reviewer as well.

Next to your original research paper, you can also send an abstract for a review article for example about the history of iGEM or the best iGEM projects of the past. You can also participate in an interview about your iGEM experience. There are plenty of creative ways to collaborate and publish your work!

If you would like to participate please send an abstract (about 100-300 words) to us by email until the 15th of July (You don’t need to have any results yet, just an abstract on what you are planning).




  • Abstract submission - 15th of JULY 

  • Article submission - 30th of AUGUST

  • Peer-review - 30th of SEPTEMBER

  • Final Journal Print - OCTOBER


  • Length: 100-300 words

  • Language: English

  • Format: Word document

  • May include a picture of your team or something related to your article

  • Send in via Email to

Written Article:

  • Abstract: 100-300 words

  • Article: 1000-1500 words

  • Citation: APA style 

  • Language: English

  • Format: Word document, no special formatting required.

  • May include pictures

  • Upload on website

You may submit more than one article, but max. 3 and they might not all be featured in the printed version. For more information :





  • Your original research paper

  • Review article for example about the history of iGEM or the best iGEM projects of the past

  • Review article for the (or one) best iGEM projects of the past

  • Review article about  other things iGEM or Synbio related

  • Be creative!

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