Meet the Team


Silvio Bonni

Hallo! I am a second-year MSP student from Germany. I am highly interested in synthetic Biology, Biotechnology, and molecular Biology. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with science and, particularly, in Biology. Now, I hope to use this passion and our time at iGEM to help people in their lives using synthetic Biology.


Hola! I am second-year MSP student from Venezuela. My curriculum mostly consists of courses along the Physics track of the program. However, I have been participating in projects outside my track to expand my horizons. iGEM provides the best opportunity to participate in a real research set-up where it is possible to obtain valuable experience and learn more about the possibilities synthetic biology and genetics have to offer. 

Larissa Markus

Moin! I am a second-year MSP student from Germany. I am participating in iGEM because our world is changing rapidly and there are new problems coming up every day that cannot be solved by conventional methods. I want to use what I have learned about genetics to find real-world applications for it and solve these problems. I believe that I can do that with synthetic biology, in this competition.


Maxime van de Schoot

Hallo! I am a second-year MSP student from the Netherlands. My interest lies in biomedical engineering, which is why I aim for a broad and interdisciplinary curriculum. I hope participation in iGEM gives me the experience of a project that goes beyond lab work and prepares me to make a real change in the beautiful world of science.

Ronja Haikarainen

Moi! I am a second-year MSP student from Finland. I am focusing on everything and anything related to genetics and molecular biology with my studies, and I think that iGEM will be a fun opportunity to explore the world of synthetic biology and make great memories along the way.

Saga Björnör

Hej! I am a second-year MSP student from Sweden. I am mostly interested in Molecular Biology, Physiology and Genetics. I joined the iGEM team for the opportunity to work in a research team, but also to create a product that can help people using science.


Rafaella Kosta

Γεια! I am a second-year MSP student from Cyprus and the Netherlands. I am thrilled to be a part of the iGEM Competition. The reason I joined the team is because I am extremely interested in genetics and I would like to gain more experience in the field of synthetic biology. My main focus at MSP is biology and Mathematics. I am looking forward to this great opportunity!

Lars Robeerts

Hallo! I am a first-year Systems Biology student from Maastricht and I joined the iGEM team because of the unique challenges that seemed very interesting to me as well as being great for both my personal and career development.

Lianne Granston

Hello! I am a second-year MSP student from Ireland. I joined iGEM to be part of a group initiative that would improve my lab skills and allow creativity in the lab. Synthetic Biology is a great way to alter organisms to benefit society, so part of our projects aim is to spread awareness of Synthetic Biology by creating something new and exciting!


Cyrille Sébert

Hello! I am a second-year MSP student from Brussels. I am part of the Maastricht iGEM team to work on a concrete and impacting bioproject while focusing on my studies on physics courses.

Eva Thielecke

Hallo! I am a second-year MSP student from Germany. I joined iGEM because I want to creatively apply my knowledge on biology and have fun. Also, iGEM gives a great opportunity to improve the public perception of genetical engineering and synthetic biology.

Marta Rubina

Hello! I am second-year MSP student from Latvia. I chose to study in MSP because I think in this age scientist need to obtain a wider scientific background before choosing their field but at the moment I am more interested in biotechnology and microbiology. To further explore the field of synthetic biology which takes my scientific interests to the next level as well as gain new knowledge and experiences, I decided to join the iGEM team.


Dasha Shumkova

Привет! I am a first-year Biomedical Science student from Russia. I believe that iGEM is a good opportunity for all dreamers and the way to "get in touch" with science.